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Which Industrial Storage Rack Is Perfect for Your Warehouse?

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Which Industrial Storage Rack Is Perfect for Your Warehouse?

Do you know that about a billion square feet of warehouse space have gotten built in the past decade? This storage space is essential to many different businesses. But for some companies, this can be expensive to maintain. Luckily, the right pallet storage racks will help you have the right storage system in your warehouse.


Drive-In or Drive-Through Pallet Racks
A forklift can drive in or drive through this rack system. The racks will be lined up, so the forklift has enough room to move. Then you can stack up the pallets vertically. The benefit of this is that it offers a high level of density. When you do it right, you can double the number of items that you can store in your warehouse compared to a standard system.


Push Back Rack or Flow System
With these kinds of systems, you will use gravity to keep your racks in order. Both of the racks will have an incline, and they will use gravity to move the pallets on the rails. With a flow system, you will place the inventory on the backside of the rack. Then you can pull out the inventory through the front.


On the other hand, with a push back system, you will remove or load the products from the same side of the rack. Each time you add some new inventory, the current inventory will be pushed back.


Cantilever or Specialty System
With cantilever racking, you will have a counterweight that makes shelves for your bulky items. With some industrial pallet storage racks, you need to have a special system in place. For instance, both beer kegs and tiers need to have special systems. If you have a unique product, you might need to talk to a pallet rack company.


Selective Racking System
This is one of the most popular options among businesses that are just setting up a racking system. This racking system allows access to all of the pallets from the aisle. One of the benefits here is that it lets you configure your system in any size. It is also an easy system to install.


Choose the Right Kind of Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems
If you are running out of space in your warehouse, you should consider industrial pallet storage racks. Look into this kind of system if you have space you need to use in a new warehouse, too. When you consider how much space there is and how you need to get to your products, you can pick out the right kind of racking system to meet your needs. Contact Heinrich Brothers today to learn more about our warehouse pallet racking systems and how these can help your business.

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