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What Are the Different Types of Conveyor Pulleys?

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What Are the Different Types of Conveyor Pulleys?

Conveyor systems have been vital to businesses for many years. Because of their diverse components, they can operate effectively. These components work together. Many different kinds of industries use conveyor systems, and you can use them for everything from grocery stores to industrial settings to baggage handling systems. Elevators and moving sidewalks often use a conveyor pulley system as well.


Kinds of Belts
There are many kinds of conveyors, and every system out there has some unique components, depending on the type and size of the system. The kind of material that you are transporting on the system will also play a role in the type of system that a company chooses to use.


No matter the system, each one will use pulleys in the machinery to make it function and move. Just like you can find many kinds of conveyor systems, you can also find many types of conveyor pulleys.


Drum Pulleys
This type of pulley usually has grooves in it. It will provide continual belt contact, and you can get them in many different kinds of diameter. Many of the drum pulleys have grooves to reduce any possible slipping. It can also improve traction. Some of these pulleys are fairly tapered as well.


Wing Pulleys
This is a popular kind of pulley because it cleans itself. The wings will naturally move any buildup of material on the conveyor’s side. Since it is constantly cleaning itself, a wing pulley has good traction. That means this is a very efficient choice when it comes to pulleys. You can find many different kinds of wing pulleys, like spiral wing pulleys, heavy-duty wing pulleys, and herringbone wing pulleys.


Lagged Pulleys
If you need a better friction grip, then pulley lagging is an important part of your system. You might need this because there is a poor drive ratio or dampness. One instance where you might use a lagged pulley is with an elevator belt. The pulleys have rubber to lag them and reduce wear and slippage. Depending on your needs, you can find different lagging patterns.


Motorized Pulleys
If you get a conveyor pulley that has an internal motor, you can both improve the efficiency of your operations and save some space. With a motorized pulley, your conveyor system will stay durable and compact. This is often a safer option than a traditional hydraulic conveyor system.


Conveyor Head Pulley
This pulley can drive your conveyor belt. Normally, it’s mounted in external bearings and has a motor and reducer to drive it. It can be either crowned or flat-faced.


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