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Selective Pallet Rack is the most common type of racking, and comes with two basic forms:

  • Roll Formed (also called teardrop rack)
  • Structural systems (uses bolts for much greater weight capacity)


Selective pallet rack is one of the best solutions when you have a warehouse with a wide variety of SKUs because it offers:

  • Direct access to all pallets
  • Being able to move one pallet without moving others
  • Easy stock control
  • Load flexibility in weight and volume


Teardrop rack, a type of selective pallet racks, is popular because of its adjustability. If you have various load sizes and need to modify the height of the beams, choose teardrop rack as the shelves can easily be adjusted. Structural pallet rack is heavy-duty and designed for high load capacities. It’s so strong it can be designed into the structure of the building itself with the upright frames supporting the roof. You’ll also hear the term “Very Narrow Aisle” (VNA) rack, the use of selective pallet racking in tight configurations. This helps provide maximum space in a storage facility.


With any panel rack, selective pallet rack comes with vertical frames and horizontal beams. The pallets get placed on the beams. Other components of selective pallet rack include diagonal and horizontal braces, pallet supports, wire decking, footplates, shims, row spacers, wall ties, post protectors and guard rails.



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