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On paper, we are Ben & Jim Heinrich. But some of our customers call us the “Roller Brothers”. And for good reason. We’ve been selling and servicing these gizmos for decades.


Conveyor Rollers Suppliers
We are one of the top conveyor roller suppliers in the United States. We have everything you may need for your facility, including:


Stainless Steel Conveyor Rollers: Stainless steel conveyor rollers are a type of conveyor roller specifically designed and manufactured using stainless steel as the primary material. These rollers are commonly used in conveyor systems, particularly in industries where hygiene, corrosion resistance, and durability are essential considerations.
Metal Conveyor Rollers: A metal conveyor roller is a type of conveyor roller primarily constructed from various types of metal materials. These rollers are integral components of conveyor systems, used for transporting goods, products, or materials within industrial and manufacturing facilities. Metal conveyor rollers offer durability and versatility and are commonly used in a wide range of industries.
Heavy Duty Steel Rollers: A heavy-duty steel roller is a specialized type of conveyor roller constructed from robust steel materials, designed to handle exceptionally heavy loads and endure harsh industrial environments. These heavy duty industrial rollers are an essential component of heavy-duty conveyor systems and are used in applications where extreme durability, strength, and load-carrying capacity are required.

Conveyor Idler Rollers: Conveyor idler rollers are essential for smooth, efficient material transport in conveyor systems. Durable and reliable, they reduce friction and wear, ensuring optimal performance in various industrial applications.

Small Conveyor Rollers: Small conveyor rollers are essential components in material handling, providing efficient movement of goods on conveyors. They are ideal for lightweight, compact items in manufacturing and distribution. Known for their durability and smooth operation, these rollers are widely used in various industries to enhance productivity and streamline processes.

Comprehensive Conveyor Roller Solutions for Your Industrial Needs

Being a conveyor roller supplier, we specialize in providing many different custom types and styles of heavy duty industrial conveyor rollers or conveyor roller beds for various industrial applications. Our relationships with conveyor roller manufacturers go deep. So do our discounts. And we are more than happy to pass these savings on to you.

Not sure what you need? Considering repairing or replacing? We’ll help you identify the most cost-efficient and logical solution to your conveying needs.

We supply replacement conveyor rollers and replacement pulleys to fit most brands of conveyors. We are happy to help you decide if you need heavy duty steel conveyor rollers or another type suits your facility.

Custom conveyor roller

We know conveyors are an investment, so we want to help you make the most of that and help your facility increase its productivity. Custom types and custom sizes of heavy duty conveyor rollers are readily available. A custom conveyor roller is a specially designed and manufactured conveyor roller that is tailored to meet unique and specific requirements of a conveyor system or roller conveyor system application.

Whether you require a roller for a powered conveyor or a gravity conveyor, we can help. Whether you need a roller for a powered conveyor or a gravity conveyor, we can help with both powered roller conveyors and gravity roller conveyors.

We are working to bring these deep discounts to you via online shopping cart. In the meantime, your best bet to save big on rollers and pulleys is to call us at (724) 969-1188 and request a quick quote. We will not be undersold.

We represent a variety of heavy duty conveyor rollers and conveyor pulley manufacturers and are comfortable declaring that you simple will not be able to find a better price on conveyor rollers than through us as we are industry leader conveyor roller supplier.

Shop around, then call us. We’ll make your decision making easy.

-Jim & Ben Heinrich (the “Roller Brothers”) Now for some info on Conveyor Rollers…Motor Driven Rollers (MDR) or motorized conveyor rollers.

Looking for rollers for conveyors? Heinrich Brothers sells and custom installs a large variety of heavy duty steel rollers including Motor Driven Rollers (MDR)



Conveyor Roller Tubes

  • Sizes range from 1″ diameter up to 12″ diameter and anything in between
  • Tube Thickness from 18 ga. up to 1″ thick
  • Materials include: Mild Steel,Galvanized Steel,Stainless Steel, Aluminum,PVC,Industrial Pipe
  • Plating options for Zinc,Chrome,or Nickel
  • Heat Treating option for a surface hardness up to Rockwell C 62
  • Assembly Options Include: Press Fit,Crimped,Welded End Plates,Fully Welded Tube & Axles

Conveyor Roller Tubes

Conveyor Roller Axles

  • Sizes range from 1/4″ to 3 7/16″
  • Shapes include Hex, Round, or Square
  • Materials include Mild Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Center Puck option to prevent axle deflection and increase load capacity
  • Axle Retentions include: Spring,Cotter Pin,Hog Rong,Snap RIng, Tapped Ends,Threaded Ends,Milled Ends,Keeper Bar Slot

Conveyor Roller Axles
Conveyor Roller Axles

Conveyor Roller Bearings

  • Non-Precision
  • A full ball complement in a stamped metal body
  • Zinc plated for better corrosion resistance
  • Recommended for light loads and slow speeds
  • Not intended for quiet operation
  • Very cost effective

Conveyor Roller Bearings


  • Made of machined steel with tighter tolerance than non-precision bearings
  • includes a ball retainer to keep the balls separated and evenly spaced
  • capable of higher speeds and higher load capacities than non-precision bearings
  • Available in stainless steel


ABEC Precision

  • Made from high quality, heat treated steel and ground to a micro finish with tolerances much tighter than semi-precision bearings
  • Capable of even higher speeds and higher loads than semi-precision bearings
  • Sensitive to axle deflection which may limit load capacity in long rollers
  • Recommended for quit operations
  • Many styles available including polypropylene housed, insert, agricultural, framesavers and more

ABEC Precision


  • Solid pieces of material with no moving parts
  • Materials include UHMW,Hardwood,Teflon,Nylon and more
  • Recommended for use in extreme temperatures and dirty environments


Plastic Bearings

  • Stainless steel balls in a molded plastic body
  • Recommended for highly corrosive environments or underwater
  • No lubrication required


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