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Heinrich Brothers sells and custom installs a large variety of rollers including Motor Driven Rollers (MDR). MDRs have an individual motor inside the roller and are added to a gravity roller conveyor to stop and start conveyors when line jams occur. They reduce operation costs, provide better line control, minimize product jams, and increase employee productivity.

MDR systems are made up of several short gravity roller conveyors sections. Each conveyor or “Zone” is powered by a small 24 volt Permanent Magnet DC motor that is housed inside of the MDR. Each MDR has a controlled module, which provides the “brains” to move product from one conveyor or zone to the next. The MDR will stop the conveyor when a downstream zone is occupied with product.

-Reduce Operation Costs
Each MDR contains a small 24 volt motor built within one or two power or driving rollers. The grooves in the driver roller or power roller connect to a belt that can drive other rollers in the zone. On traditional conveyors, zoning is achieved with a 110 volt or 220 volt motor controlling each zone – using a greater amount of electric.
-Provide Better Line Control
The inner control card controls the “brains” of the zone. The directions are built right into a zone, turning it off and on. On traditional conveyors, wires are usually run to a panel box which is connected to a computer. With MDRs, a zone is driven through a small 24 volt motor built in one or two power or driving roller.
-Minimize Product Jams
Lines have less colliding of packages because the packages start and stop moving. On a traditional conveyor, the belt or rollers continuously run therefore line pressure is built up. Boxes or cartons buildup in an area and push against the ones in front of them. With MDR Conveyors, the rollers will stop moving when packages build up.
-Increase Employee Productivity
With MDRs and less product jams, employees are free to work on other line operations and complete needed activities, which leads to increased productivity.
Heinrich Brothers provides custom instruction, installation, and support to reduce your operation costs and keep your line running smoothly. We will help you determine the number and location for your MDRs, provide you with needed product, and install them to guarantee proper setup and operation.
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