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A mezzanine is an upper level raised storage platform. Our raised loft mezzanines are often used for:

-Wheeled carts
-Bulk storage racks
-Open storage
-Modular drawer cabinets
-Pallet jacks
-Shelving & racks

The prefabricated mezzanines upper flooring can be used as a second floor work area, storage area, or office area. Mezzanines are constructed out of a steel frame structure with your choice of flooring.

-1 1/2″ plywood or OSB over roof deck
-Composite board over roof deck (recommended for pallet jack use, wheeled products, and shelving)
-Diamond plate over roof deck
-Open steel bar grating
-2″ galvanized open steel planking

Heinrich Brothers will work with you to determine the best flooring for your given storage needs. Resin decks are becoming more and more popular because of their hardness, smoothness and firmness. Mezzanine floors are often raised 8,9 or 10 feet in the air, but just about any level is possible. We recommend that you allow 7 feet above the mezzanine floor for walking. Your city may have a code for the mezzanine height requirements. We are happy to work within those restrictions.

Often smaller prefabricated mezzanines have only one set of stairs, but two or more stairways may be required or helpful. We will consider your minimum clearance between columns and the cost savings for adding columns. We will help determine the least costly way to add a mezzanine. Additional columns may provide you with a more economical approach. We will plan this with you to come up with a solution that works for you.

Some cities require you to follow building codes such as OSHA, BOCA, NFPF, UBC, SBC. We are ready to help you determine which codes are required in your area and work with you to meet those codes. We have the experience with building codes that will help make this mezzanine design project easy for you.

Our upper storage mezzanine customers can determine the best size for themselves or we can help you determine the size you need. We will build your mezzanine system loft in whatever size you need. Whether you need a 10 x 20ft., 12 x 12 ft. or 400 x 800 ft mexxanine structure, we have very few restrictions to length and width and height. Additional, we will help you determine the number of square feet needed for your raised mezzanine storage or office.

Industrial mezzanines usually need some type of railing alone at least one or two sides. We often add mezzanine gates along the side rail so that a fork truck or forklift can lift pallets or equipment to the upper level. Gates can be any size. Our most common size for gates is 6 feet. We have a sliding gate that can move to the left or right. We provide a swing-in gate that is hinged like a door. Additionally, we prodice gates that add extra protection after pallets have been lifted into place.

Finally, Heinrich Brothers will work with you to meet your specific requirements.




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