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Flat Pulleys 2 1/2″ Diameter

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Gauge tubing pulleys are used throughout the packaging, warehouse, distribution center and baggage handling industries.

The world’s leading manufacturers use hydro-crowned pulleys on their equipment. For quality, aesthetics and years of maintenance-free service, use hydro-crowned pulleys on your equipment today.

Flat Pulleys

Standard Features : Pulleys are supplied flat face. For crowned face pulleys, please contact the factory.
Standard wall = 14 ga./0.083″
Optional wall = 11 ga./0.120″
Standard end plates = 3/16″/0.187″
Optional end plates = 3/8″/0.375″
Consult factory for heavier options.

End Configuration

Flat Pulleys Flat Pulleys Flat Pulleys



2 1/2 in
Crowned Face Pulley
Flat Face Pulley
Wall Thickness:
14 ga./0.083″ (Standard)
11 ga./0.120″ (Optional)
End Plate Size:
3/16″/0.187″ (Standard)
3/8″/0.375″ (Optional)




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