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FAQs Part 5: Measuring the Conveyor Roller Sprocket

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How do I Measure Chain Size or Chain Pitch?

The chain size is often stamped into the side of the chain link. The most common chain sizes are 40,50,60 and 80. If the size is not stamped on the chain, use calipers to measure between the teeth. Measure from center to center of where the chain roller would set between the teeth. (This is also known as Chain Pitch) Measure to the nearest .001″.

How do I Measure Sprocket Width?

You must use calipers to measure the sprocket width to determine if it is metric or English. Measure to the nearest 0.001″. Measure the thickness of the sprocket by using the caliper forks.

Sprocket Width


If sprocket size is unknown,refer to the Sprocket Size Chart to determine the sprocket size using the chain pitch and sprocket width measurements.

How do I Measure Sprocket Chain Designation?

The sprocket size represents the first two digits in the chain designation.
Example: 40A14 is size 40.
The number of teeth represents the last two digits in the chain designation.
Count the number of teeth.
Example: 40A14-14 teeth
Determine the sprocket type:
A-Hub-No extension on either side of sprocket (A)
B-Hub-Extension on one side of sprocket (B)
C-Hub-Extensions on both sides of sprocket (C)
The sprocket can be single,double(D),triple(F),and quadruple(E)strand sprockets,each respectively having single,double,triple,and quadruple sets of teeth.

Sprocket Chain

The sprocket can be double single(DS),which has a double set of teeth made for two single strands of chain.

double single chain

Determine the sprocket type for the chain designation by assigning the respective letter or number.
The hub style represents the middle letter.
Example: 40A14-A-Hub.
The strand style represents the first letters.
Example: DS40A14-doulbe strand.

How do I Determine the sprocket location?

Place an angle or straight edge against the face of the bearing closet to the sprocket(s). Use the tape measure to measure from the angle to the center of the closet sprocket. Measure to the nearest 1/32″. For each additional sprocket use the tape measure to measure from the center of one sprocket to the center of the next. The center line dimension of sprockets is critical as the sprocket width can change.

sprocket location

How do I Determine Sprocket Material?

Steel Sprockets: Sprocket Measurement-Use a magnet on the sprocket to identify if the material is steel. If the sprocket is magnetic it is steel. Most standard sprockets have a dull,black appearance because of the black oxide finish. Most standard sprockets are steel.

Sprocket Material


How do I Measure Sprocket Accessories?

For other sprocket accessories,please draw and include measurements for us to work from. For example,use calipers to measure welded flanges. Measure to the nearest 0.001″. Measure the flange OD and thickness. Draw a detailed profile including the orientation of the flange and the approximate degree of its angle. Use the calipers to measure other accessories. Measure to the nearest 0.001″.

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