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FAQs Part 1: Identifying Roller Components

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1. What is the Roller Style?

Gravity Rollers are rollers without a drive option on gravity Conveyors.

Gravity Rollers

Grooved Rollers have one or more grooves formed into the tube and are driven with urethane bands on a powered Conveyor.

Grooved Rollers

Sprocketed Rollers have one or more sprockets welded to the tube and are driven with chain(s) on a powered Conveyor.

Sprocketed Rollers

2. What is the Roller Assembly?

Crimped:Crimped Roller-A crimped roller has a outside tube which is crimped down over the bearing to hold it in place. Bearings installed in this manner are non-replaceable. The edges of outside tube are bent towards the center.

Crimped Roller

Press Fit:Press Fit-A press fit roller has a outside tube which is counter bored to the correct inside diameter for the bearing to be press fit into place or slip fit for a large diameter rollers. This means you can press the bearing in and you can still replace them.

press fit roller

3. What is Axle Retention?

Spring Retained (One end or Both ends):To determine the axle retention,press one end of the axle in. If the axle pushed in,it is spring retained on the opposite end. Repeat this process on the other end of the axle. If the axle reacts the same it is dual spring retained. If the roller has a sprocket or grooves, it is important to identify which end the spring is on.

Pin Retained:Pin retained axles will have holes in the ends of the axles to insert the pins. When the pins are removed, the axle can be removed. Measure the location and the diameter of the pin hole with calipers. Identify the type of pin. Our standard options include Cotter Pin and Hog ring.

Cotter Pin and Hog ring

Not Retained:A plain axle will not have any type of retention. No pins or springs will be holding the axle in place OR Fixed or staked axles can be identified when neither end pushes in, but axle cannot be removed. OR Other special axles can be referred to in the axle machining chart.

4. What Kind of Axle Machining Do I Have?

Identify if the axle has been machined. Reference the drawings below to identify some common machining options:

Axle Machining

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