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FAQs Part 6: Measuring the Roller Groove

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How do I Measure Grooves in Roller Tubing?

If possible,it is best to know exactly what size O-ring belts are being used in the groove. There are two standard groove sizes-narrow and wide. Narrow grooves are 5/16″ wide,made for 3/16″ dia. O-ring belts. Wide grooves are 1/2″ wide,made for 1/4″ diameter O-ring belts.

Roller Tubing


You must use calipers to measure the width of each groove. Measure the nearest 0.001″. Measure the depth of the groove by measuring the smallest diameter in the center of the groove. Subtract the measurement from the tube OD and divide by 2 to get the groove depth. Use the groove width and depth measurements to identify which size O-ring belt will fit the groove.
Use the same method to measure machined grooves. If it cannot be determined whether the groove is machined or formed, provide all dimensions to help determine the best solution.

How do I Measure Roller Groove Locations?

Place an angle or straight edge against the face of the bearing closest to the groove(s). Use a tape measure to obtain the distance from bearing extension to the center of the closest groove. Measure to the nearest 1/32″.
For each additional groove use the tape measure to find the distance from the center of the one groove to the center of the next. It is important to measure from the center of the groove,not where the groove starts.

Roller Groove

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