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FAQs Part 7: Roller Coatings & Finishes

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Coatings or Sleeves?

Roller Coatings: Use the tape measure to measure the coating or sleeve length. Measure to the nearest 1/32″. Place the angles or straight edges against the front face of the bearings. Use the tape measure to measure from the angle or straight edge to where the coating starts.

Calipers must be used to measure the coating diameter,similar to tube diameter. Measure to the nearest 0.001″.

Describe the softness or hardness (durometer) of the material. Please include the purpose of the coating to help us determine the best solution. Specify the color of the material.

Roller Coatings & Finishes


How do You Identify Finishes?

Identify any type of finished or tube coloring. Most common finishes include:
Zinc: Two standard colors in zinc plating are Gold and Silver/Clear. Zinc plating looks like galvanized tubing but without the textured appearance. Or it can look like shiny mild steel.
Chrome: Chrome finish has a shiny,bright,smooth,mirror-like appearance.
Nickel: Nickel finish has a dull,medium gray finish.
Heat Treat: Heat Treat typically is dark black in appearance.

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