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Choosing Conveyor Belts to Improve Your Warehouse

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Choosing Conveyor Belts to Improve Your Warehouse

Improving warehouses to ensure that the locomotion of products is smooth and efficient is a concept essential for all warehouse owners. This is why warehouse owners must integrate conveyors within their systems.

However, to ensure that the right hinged steel belt conveyor is chosen, a few things need to be considered before a conveyor system is set up. It is crucial to select the right choice since the installation of conveyors can be expensive and may cause disruption to the entire locomotive process if the incorrect system is chosen.

Establishing Business Requirements

It is understandable that deciding on the right hinged steel belt conveyor can be tedious, particularly because identifying, developing, and purchasing the perfect system to handle products has various nuances. Each conveyor system has its advantages and disadvantages, and selecting the conveyor that aligns most with your business requirements is imperative.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Is it suitable for the current situation?
  • Will it be able to adapt to any future changes within the business?
  • Is it operationally safe?
  • Is the system reliable (i.e., does it require minimum maintenance)?
  • Is it eco-friendly and energy efficient?
  • Is it within the budget of the business?

Hinged belt conveyors are often seen as a system that holds little value for the business, which is why businesses often define conveyors as the last step of the whole planning process. That said, the budget invested in installing a conveyor system depends on the initial acquisition cost rather than the total acquisition cost.

Product Specifications

Four major facets must be considered before deciding on the right conveyor system.

  • Product Dimensions: Keeping in mind the length, width, and height of the objects that need to be moved around
  • Product Weight: Establishing the average weight of the products that will be moved around on the hinged steel belt conveyor
  • Product Rate: Measuring parts per minute or hour, including the length of the product, which will allow you to determine the speed of the system.
  • Product Type: The state and type of the product often determine what kind of conveyor is suitable.

Environmental Conditions

The environment you place your conveyor in also determines what kind of hinged belt conveyor will be best for the business.

  • Maintainability: Select a conveyor that is easy to maintain and repair so that the productivity of the business is maximized.
  • Safety: Many conveyors offer the option of built-in safety features that make them safer to use.
  • Energy Efficiency: Many conveyors consume a lot of energy, which may affect the costs of their energy bills.

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