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Choosing Between a Gravity Conveyor and a Power Conveyor

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Choosing Between a Gravity Conveyor and a Power Conveyor

There are quite a few questions before buying a new, replacement or an additional conveyor roller. Such as;

  • What is the length of the conveyor?
  • What is the positioning of items as well as the spacing between them?
  • What is the transfer rate of the conveyor?

If you understand the specifications of your distribution or warehouse, the answers to these questions should be fairly simple. However, the biggest question remains, and that is;

Do You Choose a Gravity or a Power Conveyor?

There are some fundamental differences between the two kinds that can have an impact on your entire operations. If you choose the wrong one, your warehouse may not function as effectively. The great news here is, we are going to help you choose which conveyor is best for your business!

Gravity Conveyors

These conveyors have everything to do with physics, which is quite clear by the word “gravity.” It defines a physical force that propels all products forward in the conveyor system. Simply put, a gravity conveyor can move many products without needing any backup from a powered source. It does everything by making use of gravity alone. The purpose of this conveyor is to move products from one location to another through two types of conveyors;

  1. Gravity Roller Conveyors
  2. Gravity Skatewheel Conveyors

Power Conveyors

The main difference between gravity and power conveyors is their generation of movement. While a gravity conveyor makes use of gravity to move a product, a power conveyor needs the power to push the said product forward. This power source is often in the form of an electric motor that is responsible for moving a tensioned belt or individual rollers. While there are many shapes and sizes of power conveyors are available, the main ones are;

  1. Belt Conveyors
  2. Conveyor Rollers

Gravity Conveyors VS. Power Conveyors

The differences between these heavy-duty steel rollers and conveyors matter a lot so let’s take a closer look.

Gravity conveyors are able to move a product downhill and require human assistance to move it across a straight surface. In contrast, power conveyors can move items downhill or uphill without needing any human intervention at all. In addition to that, while power conveyors can easily maintain an equal distance between each product, gravity roller conveyor systems can cause them to accumulate as they go downhill.

Gravity conveyors are more suited for moving products meant to travel short distances but will need human intervention to move them across long distances. However, power conveyors can easily transport products any length you need them to while maintaining power and speed over declines, inclines, and flat surfaces without needing human intervention at all.

These differences can easily make clear which conveyor your business requires based on your own individual needs. Not sure what kind of conveyor your warehouse needs based on your load? You can always reach out to us at Heinrich Brothers for a quote and a consultation so our experts can help you navigate these complicated decisions based on their experience.

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