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3 Easy Steps to Select Right Conveyor for Your Business

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3 Easy Steps to Select Right Conveyor for Your Business

Conveyors are mechanical equipment used in multiple industries to transport various items from one location to another efficiently. The concept of conveyor rollers is straightforward, but choosing the wrong type of conveyor equipment can decrease productivity and throughput.

Here are three simple steps to help you select the correct type of conveyor rollers for your business.

Decide on the Type of Conveyors

The simplest type of conveyor uses inertia and gravity to move products forwards along the line. This is unlike powered conveyors that rely on power-generated force to push items along. Non-powered conveyors can be used for several tasks within a workplace, including

  • Loading packages into a truck
  • Removing products that are coming out of a sorter
  • Helping employees to push products along to the next workstation

The two most common types of non-powered conveyors are skatewheel and roller. Skatewheel conveyors are used when you need to maintain a constant speed for the products to travel. They are great for curved sections of the line because each wheel on the conveyor moves independently of the rest. Roller conveyors use heavy duty steel rollers to push products along the line. They can slow products down as they move out of the high-speed sorter. Roller conveyors are a more affordable option and require less maintenance, but their drawback is the inability to control the exact speed at which the products are moving.

There are also powered conveyors available, of which there are multiple types. The two most popular types are roller and belt conveyors. Roller conveyors are used for large, heavy objects that will not fall down between the separate rollers. Belt conveyors can be used for smaller, lighter objects as there is no risk of them falling off the belt. Due to the consistent rubber surface providing a strong grip for the goods, they are likely to fall even on an incline or decline.

Consider Important Details

Consider which type of conveyor suit your needs. Ensure your choice has appropriate safety mechanisms and one that has easily adjustable conveyor rollers for your product line. You should look for a conveyor that can be maintained and repaired when necessary.

Choose the Best Supplier

Finding the right conveyor rollers suppliers to provide you with high-quality conveyors is extremely important. Search for the following qualities in your suppliers

  • Reliable
  • Affordable and within your budget
  • Experienced and knowledgeable
  • Handles the installation and maintenance of your equipment

By following the above steps, you will be able to find the right conveyor rollers for your business. One that suits your needs and preferences and enhances your workload efficiency and productivity. Contact the high-quality conveyor rollers suppliers, Heinrich Brothers, today for more information.

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