Roller Measurement Guide for Roller FAQs

Our Conveyor Roller Measurement Guide is meant to show you how to precisely measure your rollers.
To Measure Your Current Roller: The guide gives detailed instructions for each required measurement. Some clients prefer to mail us a roller and allow us to take the measurement. Other clients measure rollers on their own, or they work with us on the phone to determine those measurements.

To Determine What Roller is Best for Your New Conveyor Project: The guide will supply you with the information you need to help you determine the proper roller for your new conveyor application. Feel free to call us for help.

Roller Measurement Guide and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

-FAQs Part 1: Identifying Roller Components

-FAQs Part 2: Measuring the Rollers

-FAQs Part 3: Measuring the Conveyor Tube

-FAQs Part 4: Measuring the Conveyor Roller Axle

-FAQs Part 5: Measuring the Conveyor Roller Sprocket

-FAQs Part 6: Measuring the Roller Groove

-FAQs Part 7: Roller Coatings & Finishes

-FAQs Part 8: Identifying and Measuring Bearings

-FAQs Part 9: Identifying and Measuring Bosses

-FAQs Part 10: Identifying Cause of Roller Failure

-FAQs Part 11: Identifying Conveyor Roller Applications

Additional Information

-Detailed Roller Quote Worksheet (download PDF)

-Quote/Info Conveyor Roller Request (Quick Form)

-Tube Thickness (Gauge to inch) Conversion Chart (download PDF)

-Bearing Selection Guide (download PDF)