Prefabricated Buildings

Heinrich Brothers, Inc. will help you find a pre-fabricated building or office to meet your needs. We sell and install standard and custom fully assembled buildings, as well as modular building kits. Whether you require an outdoor building to be used as a guard house or an indoor building to be used as an office, lunch room, or clean room, we can help.

Heinrich Brothers offers two types of prefabricated buildings. The first type is assembled and forkliftable, and the second type is unassembled and modular.

Prefabricated Buildings Components:

Wiring Posts:
Wiring posts are either 20ga or 16ga painted steel or 6063T-5 aluminum extrusions with a satin anodized finish. In addition to supporting the structure, all posts act as wiring chases and have friction fit (steel posts) or snap in (aluminum) cover plates to allow easy access for electrical and telecommunications wiring. The non-progrssive post design allows panels to be replaced or rearranged without impacting adjacent panels or ceiling.

Panels are either 1-3/4″ or 3″ thick and available with vinyl covered 1/8″ hardboard or 1/2″ gypsum with polystyrene cores. Other surfaces available include painted gypsum, FRP, 24ga Steel, and cement board. Custom Colors are available in most surfaces, consult the factory.

Lights are 160Watt 2×4 lay-in T-8 fixtures with an acrylic lens. Single pole and 3-way switches as well as duplex outlets are provided in accordance with a standard layout. Circuit breaker panels consists of 125A panels with 70A main breakers. Individual breakers are 15A. Electrical wiring, conduit, and light bulbs are furnished by others.

Roof Deck and Ceiling:
Roof deck is painted 22ga corrugated B-deck. Ceiling is acoustical grid type, including white metal grid, hangar wire, and 5/8″ thick 2×4 lay-in fiber board tiles.

Outdoor buildings are often shipped pre-assembled and are limited to what can be shipped on a flat bed truck or trailer. Outdoor buildings often used for guard shacks, equipment enclosures, offices, restrooms, or locker rooms can be shipped as multiple pre-frabricated pieces or sections and joined together once they arrive at the destination.

Doors and Windows:
Standard doors are pre-hung 3070 (3″ wide x 7″ tall) x 1-3/4″ thick. Hardware includes hinges, weep, and a key-in-knob locket. Windows are 1/4″ thick tempered safety glass preinstalled in anodized aluminum frames. Standard glass dimensions are 37″ tall by full panel width.

Prefabricated Buildgins FAQs:

What is a fabricated building?
Our indoor prefabricated buildings and outdoor prefab buildings are factory made buildings that are manufactured and delivered to the site as an assembled building or in modular components. Prefabricated buildings include wall panels, studs, roof decking, drop ceilings, HVAC units, base electrical such as lights, light switches, & electrical outlets, electrical panel box with breakers, and standard doors and windows. Heinrich Brothers will help you figure out the best size and configuration for your building, discuss options with you for your building, and assemble and install your building. Often through Heinrich Brothers, your prefabricated building will be less costly and completed more quickly than if you build it on your own.

What are the dimension options L x W x H?
Indoor prefabricated buildings have few size restrictions beyond the limitations of the warehouse itself. We have standard height and high wall buildings available including walls up to 40 feet tall. We will work with you to construct an indoor building that is the length and width that you need. What is an inplant office? pre-engineered modular panel and stud buildings.

What are wiring posts?
Steel or aluminum hollow posts that support the building. Electrical wires, phone wires and computer wires are hidden inside the posts that can be accessed easily by removing the post cover.

What are panels?
Panels are the wall material in an implant building.