Prefab Building Diagrams

Heinrich Brothers specializes in finding the best prefabricated buildings and offices to meet your specific needs at a cost you can afford. Feel free to use these diagrams to help you discuss your building needs with us.

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Assembled Forklift Building-Shipped Whole
*Perimete Frame
*Metal Weather Shield
*Floor Joists
*Floor Decking
*Floor Covering
*Wall Studs
*Wall Insulation
*Interior Wall Covering
*Exterior Wall Sheathing
*Roof Framing
*Interior Ceiling
*Roof Insulation
*Exterior Roof Sheathing
*Full Depth Fork Pockets

Unassembled Modular Building-Shipped In Pieces
*Solid Panel
*Upper & Lower Window Panel
*Wiring Post
*Wiring Post Cover Plate
*Fixed Window
*Steel Door
*Acoustical Ceiling
*Roof Deck
*Ceiling Cap
*Floor Track
*Vinyl Base
*Corner Post