Heavy Duty Bulk Handling Drum Pulley – 20″ Diameter

Heavy-duty pulleys are used in a variety of different bulk handling applications. They feature ridged single seam construction with continually welded end discs. These pulleys come crowned or flat face, with or without vulcanized rubber lagging. They are available with all styles of split tapered compression-style hubs and bushings.

Standard Features : Pulleys are supplied crown faced. Flat face pulleys are also available.

Standard wall = 1/4″/0.250″
Optional wall = 3/8″/0.375″
Standard end plates = 5/16″/0.312″
Optional end plates = 3/8″/0.375″
Consult factory for heavier options.

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20 in

Crowned Face Pulley
Flat Face Pulley

Wall Thickness:
1/4″/0.250″ (Standard)
3/8″/0.375″ (Optional)

End Plate Size:
5/16″/0.312″ (Standard)
3/8″/0.375″ (Optional)

End Configuration

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