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Conveyor Roller Quote/Info Request

For additional information on Conveyor Rollers,please fill out the form below. We are happy to help you with your project. A Heinrich Brothers representative will contact you. For immediate help,please call us at 724-969-1188.


Quantity Needed

Between Frame Width (BF)

Note: Between Frame (BF) is the distance between the frames of the conveyor. The Between Frame measurement is needed to ensure proper fit into the conveyor. If the roller is not in conveyor provide the Overall Cone,the length of the roller from bearing tip to bearing tip. (See our Roller Measurement Guide for more information) Utilize the drawings to depict more detailed specifications.

Roller Diameter

Wall Thickness(gauge)

Axle Size

Axle Length

Type of bearing

Pin retained

Spring retained

Groove center line(if applicable)

Sprocket size(if applicable)

Load capacity required

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