Belt Saver Self-Cleaning Wing Pulley – 12″ Diameter

Designed for your toughest applications, wing pulleys can add life to your belt.

Designed to continually clean and remove material buildup from the underside of your belt. Wing pulleys will help eliminate buildup which can create belt misalignment and premature wear. Our wing pulleys have half oval bar welded to fins creating smooth contact with the belt.

Standard Features : Pulleys are supplied crown faced unless specified. For flat pulleys, please consult the factory.

This is our standard wing design. This size wing pulley is also available in the following options :
Spiral wing – flat bar helically wound from center out.
Heavy duty – 5/16″ flat bar and reinforcement rings.
Full length tapered gussets.



12 in

Flat Bar Size:
5/16 in

Crowned Face Pulley
Flat pulley

End Configuration